Coordinated Assessment Model (CAM)

Under the HEARTH Act legislation, all Continuums of Care (CoC) are required to establish a coordinated assessment system which is comprehensive, accessible, and standardized. It is a systemic approach to homeless programming that focuses on aligning the needs of households that are experiencing homelessness with the best program to address their needs.

Through the common assessment and coordinated access approach, households that are in need of homeless assistance are directed to a common access point where they are assessed using a common tool. Based on the thorough assessment, a coordinated referral is made to the most appropriate service provider.

The Homeless Action Network of Detroit (HAND) has been coordinating the planning efforts for the Coordinated Assessment Model (CAM), as it is known locally. Ultimately, the CAM is expected to change the way in which homeless and housing services are accessed and delivered in our community. In the short term, the CAM is expected to realize the following goals:

  • Greater accessibility to resources

  • Standardized intakes and assessments

  • Coordinated referrals

  • Collaborative partnerships

CAM Access Info 

CAM 2.0 Overview

Detailed process model

updated February 2018

CAM Policies & Procedures - Coming Soon

CAM Lead Agency

Though housed within Southwest Counseling Solutions (SWCS), the CAM is a systems-wide process for all housing-related resources within the CoC.

The CAM Lead Agency carries out three primary tasks:

  1. Access: The CAM Lead Agency will provide a simple, streamlined point of access for homeless and housing services

  2. Assess: Staff at the CAM Lead Agency will implement a common assessment to identify the best program for the household

  3. Assign: Once the most appropriate program is identified, the CAM Lead Agency will assign (ie, refer) the household seeking to services to the agency providing this program. Referrals will be handled in a way that helps to ensure the successful placement of the household.

CAM Lead Agency and Implementing Partner Evaluation

In 2019, an evaluation and feedback survey was conducted for the CAM Lead Agency and Implementing partner. The final report on this evaluation may be found here.

Systems Improvement and Optimization Work

Financial Modeling - Coming Soon