System Performance Measures

The purpose of the System Performance Measures (SPMs) is to encourage Continua of Care (CoCs), in coordination with Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) program recipients and other stakeholders, to regularly measure their progress in meeting the needs of people experiencing homelessness in their community and to report this progress to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Results from HUD Fiscal Years 2015-2017 for the Detroit CoC are summarized below. Visualizations are sourced from HUD and reflect data on Emergency Shelter (ES), Safe Haven (SH), Transitional Housing (TH), and Permanent Housing (PH) including Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH), Rapid Re-Housing (RRH), and Other Permanent Housing (OPH) programs where noted. The Detroit CoC’s performance is benchmarked against national data for each metric.

Measure 1: Length of Time Persons Remain Homeless

Metric 1.2 - Change in the Average and Median Length of Time Persons are Homeless in ES, SH, and TH projects

Measure 2: The Extent to Which Persons who Exit Homelessness to Permanent Housing Destinations Return to Homelessness

Returns in 6 months

Returns in 24 months (includes all returns at 6, 12, and 24 months)

Measure 3: Number of Homeless Persons

Metric 3.2 - Change in Annual Counts

Measure 4: Employment and Income Growth for Homeless Persons in CoC Program-Funded Projects

Metric 4.3 - Change in Total Income for Adult System Stayers During the Reporting Period

Metric 4.4 - Change in Earned Income for Adult System Leavers

Measure 5: Number of Persons Who Became Homeless for the 1st Time

Metric 5.2 - Change in the Number of Persons Entering ES, SH, TH, and PH projects with no prior enrollments in HMIS (shown as total number of persons)

Measure 7: Successful Placement from Street Outreach and Successful Placement in or Retention of Permanent Housing

Metric 7a.1 - Change in Exits to Permanent Housing Destinations (Street Outreach Only)

Measure 7b.1 - Change in Exits to Permanent Housing Destinations (ES, SH, TH, RRH)

Measure 7b.2 - Change in Exit to or Retention of Permanent Housing