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Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)

If you have questions about HMIS, please contact Selwin O'Neal at selwin@handetroit.org , Andrea Kuhn at andrea@handetroit.org, or Kiana Harrison at kiana@handetroit.org , or by calling (313) 964-3666. 

HMIS Links

HMIS Agency Administrator Webinar Recording June 2014

HMIS Helpdesk System *(new)

Policies and Procedures Podcast 5/9/2013

Households with ShelterPoint Training Podcast (New)

HMIS Training

All HMIS End-User Trainings will be done via podcast.  Please contact your HMIS Agency Administrator for more information.

HMIS Training and Meetings Calendar 2014

ART 3.0 Training Podcast


HMIS Reports

The Annual HMIS reports may be downloaded by clicking the links below:

HMIS Annual Report for 2012 Calendar Year


HUD Data Requirements

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires that, in addition to universal data elements, programs collect other specific data elements. These data elements are published in the Federal Register, which may be accessed by clicking the link below:

HMIS Data and Technical Assistance Standards Manual

HMIS Documents

HMIS Users Agreement


MSHMIS Privacy Training Presentation